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Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center is in top 10 USA clinics and the best clinic in its region. They provide the best trauma and orthopaedic care in the country and specialise in trauma surgeries.

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Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania — Penn Presbyterian

Pennsylvania University Hospital provides top medical care to patients from all over the region and world in all specialties. All branches are united under one roof which is very convenient for patients. It simultaneously facilitates providing the most comfortable conditions for interdisciplinary medicine.

It is extremely important to treat patients according to modern treatment protocols and taking into consideration recent medical inventions. This means that the therapy will be effective and will not harm the patient. During treatment at Penn Presbyterian, patients can be confident that they are treated according to the highest international standards. The hospital does not just use the protocols, its specialists compose them themselves, and it is done through the doctors' research work.

Penn Presbyterian — world-renowned academic medical center

Over the past 30 years, doctors and researchers from Pennsylvania have participated in the creation of the first vaccine against pneumonia and parenteral nutrition (completely excluding the usual diet, the introduction of nutrient solutions into a vein of seriously ill patients).

Clinic researchers have developed MRI and other imaging techniques. Their achievements are now used by doctors all over the world.

Collaborating with several centres, they also discovered the Philadelphia chromosome (an abnormality of chromosome 22) which completely changed the view on cancer treatment and gave impetus to genetically research in oncology.

Penn Presbyterian's Advantages

Today, Penn Presbyterian's doctors have the opportunity to perform minimally invasive trauma surgeries that are easily tolerated by patients. The clinic has a high level of robotic equipment, even according to the standards of the United States. The experience of one of the first coronary units (CCU) in the country makes the heart surgeries carried out here as works of medical art. The Penn Musculoskeletal Center is also worth attention; it houses the first class traumatology department which carries out surgeries for restoring the limbs after traumas of any complexity.

University of Pennsylvania Clinic — International Awards and Achievements

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