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NYU Langone Medical Center

The advantage of Langon Health is based on three components: the excellence of care, the richest experience and advanced science. A close relationship with New York University, of which the hospital is affiliated, makes it possible to quickly and efficiently implement leading scientific discoveries for the benefit of the patient.

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About NYU Langone Medical Center

American medicine is renowned for its high quality and innovation. It is considered the standard of excellence. It differs in extremely high cost of services. It is for those who can afford the latest complex operations, transplants and organ transplants with the latest in medicine.

Langone Health is a large integrated complex, a multi-hospital medical center located in New York City. Includes more than 350 departments and 6 buildings.

The center received its current official name in 2017 through sponsorship contributions from Kenneth and Elaine Langone. It is known for its special attitude towards patients: a person is treated here, not a disease.

NYU Langone Health in Firgures

1,700 beds

Treatment of foreign patients is possible

4,000 doctors

Find a specialist for your disease

350 departments

Convenient location, get help anywhere in the city

Advantages of Langone Medical Center

Langon Health is one of the best clinics in the USA. This is the high quality of American medicine, first-class professional services and care. Let's consider its advantages which favorably distinguish the hospital from other medical institutions.
  • Scientific work
    NYU Langone Health is a leading academic medical center that works closely with the university. This ensures that the clinic's patients benefit from the latest scientific discoveries for the sake of their health. Research helps turn biomedical discoveries into effective new treatments. Therefore, they will definitely help even in the most difficult case.
  • Highly qualified specialists
    The training of Langon Health employees at the Grossman Medical School makes it possible to combine high quality treatment with a commitment to innovation. This provides high quality services and therapy, as well as an accuracy of diagnostics, often inaccessible in domestic medicine.
  • Qualified care and innovation in nursing
    NYU Langone has the most educated professional nurses in the country. 92% of nursing staff have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, and almost 9% have a Master of Science degree. This ensures high quality patient care. The quality of the nurses' work was marked by the Magnet® certificate.
  • Effective treatment of common diseases
    From common and mild to the most complex conditions, everything is available to the specialists of the clinic. The great experience of doctors allows patients to recover quickly. For example, Langon Health is among the Top-10 hospitals in the USA for pulmonology and lung surgery in 2023.

NYU Langone Health — International Awards and Achievements

Медицинский центр Лангон Хелс
Медицинский центр Лангон Хелс
Медицинский центр Лангон Хелс
Медицинский центр Лангон Хелс
Медицинский центр Лангон Хелс

Specializations of NYU Langone Health:

The high competence of Langon Health doctors meets the highest standards. However, there are medical disciplines that receive special attention. So, here they are excellently treated and carried out:


The Department of Endocrinology combines clinical experience with caring care. Ranked among the top 5 US hospitals in 2023 for diabetes and endocrinology, metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis.


The joint replacemen surgery is done within one day, the patient may not spend the night in the hospital. They provide high-quality medical care in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic, musculoskeletal and related injuries and diseases.

Gastroenterology and Gastrointestinal Surgery

They provide high-quality treatment of areas of the digestive system, innovative endoscopic procedures, surgery of the gastrointestinal tract, liver transplantation and other advanced methods of treatment.

Neurology and Neurosurgery

Exceptional care and treatment based on cutting-edge scientific research.
They specialize in such surgical methods as deep brain stimulation, tumors of the spinal cord and brain, including in children.
They treat Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, epilepsy and stroke.

Organ Transplantation

It is conducted in the clinic at an exceptionally high level. NYU Langone is the largest kidney transplant center in New York, with the highest quality ratings in the country. So, it was here that in 2023 a genetically modified pig kidney was xenotransplanted to a recently deceased person.

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The best and most advanced, highly educated American doctors are at the service of our patients. Here the latest technologies at a high professional level are applied, the last stages of cancer are cured, rare diagnoses are determined. It uses the medicine of the future to treat exclusive clients.