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Mayo Clinic Rochester

Mayo Clinic Rochester is the No. 1 clinic in the United States and the world. It takes first place in Newsweek, US News & World Report ratings, is the top web-searched clinic and comprises
6 best departments in the world.

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Mayo Clinic Rochester

Mayo employs more than 3,000 medical doctors and about 46,000 specialised staff. More than 500,000 patients are treated at the Mayo annually. The clinic's medical services meet world standards and is renowned by the use of innovative technologies, as well as new developments, taking personalised medical care as a basis.

Mayo Clinic is the world's largest medical centre, located in Minnesota. It includes Methodist Campus and St Mary's Hospital. About 350,000 people undergo inpatient treatment in these medical institutions annually, about 1,500,000 are treated on an outpatient basis. Every day, a huge number of surgeries, consultations, laboratory tests, radiological and X-ray studies are carried out.

Mayo Clinic is considered a major research centre. The state of Arizona is the location of a specialised association of research institutes. They are Samuel C. Johnson Research Center and the Mayo Clinic Collaborative Research Building. These institutes develop and implement research programs covering issues of biology and medical genetics. Scientists here work closely with clinicians. The Mayo Clinic Base is the site of wide range of clinical trials of the latest medical drugs, so Mayo patients can take advantage of new pharmacological developments.

Mayo Clinic Rating and Contribution to the World Medicine

The Mayo Clinic in Florida is a multidisciplinary hospital complex. It has a fairly wide specialisation, but the priority is given to surgical areas. The Mayo Clinic includes 22 operating units in which a variety of surgical interventions are performed. Their range is very wide: from minimally invasive operations to the most complex interventions, which involve several different specialists and robotic and automated systems.

The department of transplantation allows carrying out a huge number of transplants of liver, heart, kidneys, bone marrow. Treatment of acute cerebrovascular accidents is carried out by a multi-functional team. It includes resuscitation doctors, neurologists, nurses, psychologists, and social workers.

Mayo is engaged in a broad educational program, not only among the American students, but throughout the world. The main goal is to inform the users of their website about their own successes in the field of practical medicine and science. This work is an important part of preventive medicine and diagnostics of various pathological conditions.

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