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Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is in top 10 USA clinics and the best university hospitals
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Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

The clinic was founded in 1955, but the modern history of one of the best US clinics begins in 2008. That year, the hospital received its modern name and a new 10-storey clinical complex. It was one of the first hospitals in America which was completely rebuilt in order to bring it to the international level. It is not only a medical institution, it is also a university clinic and a training base of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Here, experienced doctors are scientists and teachers, and it has a very positive effect on the level of patient care and the number of innovative methods of diagnostics and treatment introduced.

Key Features of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

In the 10-floor building of a large clinic, it is possible to simultaneously accommodate 520 adult inpatients and 90 children. There is also a rehabilitation centre for 11 patients in total.

The technologies and methods used now in the hospital will be available to clinics outside the USA in 1-2 years for progressive countries. In the less developed countries, they will be introduced in decades. This is why the clinic is so popular among foreign patients. There are CT and MRI scanners of the latest generation and a private genetic laboratory.

The experience of the surgeons makes it necessary to reckon with each specialist of the clinic, because in the hospital they carry out 26 thousand operations a year in 23 super modern operating rooms and 6 cutter laboratories in which work is stopped only for disinfection.

15 departments for adults and 10 pediatric departments received the highest positions in the overall US ranking (the top 50 departments in the country). Among them, the Geriatric department is ranked first in the country, the Urological department is the third, and fifth places are occupied by the Nephrological and Ophthalmological departments.

Floor Infrastructure of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

The building is given special attention, because each floor here is more than just a room for patients and medical staff. Here, each floor is special, it is completely created for the needs of a single specialised department with its own equipment, a pharmacy, and ICU. Highly specialised care is provided here, but each patient can feel safe, because their room can become intensive care in a minute and save them in case of an emergency.

Underground there are communications between buildings — for the fastest possible transportation of patients. At the basement, there is a laboratory complex with a digital delivery system throughout the clinic. Blood samples and other materials get here from all over the hospital in a few seconds, and the finished results are visible in the patient's personal profile on the doctor's computer.

Underground parking is considered an extremely successful solution for such a large and busy city as Los Angeles.
  • The 1st floor houses the Emergency and Imaging Units, with elevators for rapid patient transportation from 2 rooftop helipads. The Gift Shop, Dining Commons and Maddie's Room are a comfortable indoor and outdoor waiting area for families whose loved ones are undergoing surgery.
  • On the second floor, there are 25 modern operating rooms, 8 specialised treatment rooms, 6 catheterisation laboratories and 3 medical and procedural departments.
  • The 3rd and 5th floors house the UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital and Level 4 Neonatal Anesthesiology. It has everything you need to care for newborns with extremely low birth weight.
  • On the 4th floor, there are The Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at the University of California and outdoor terraces, where patients can have direct access to fresh air and views.
  • The 6th to 8th floors also house patient wards and several ICUs.

Comfort and Efficiency at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

So that the patients' well-being is always good and promoted healing, the UCLA medical staff take care of the maximum comfort of their guests.

After reconstruction, each ward is full of light and open space. The interior designers used modern transparent materials, and now the spacious rooms are filled with light and bring cheerfulness and a sense of well-being to patients. The wards have beautiful panoramic views and are individually convenient for the patients.

On the lower floors of the building, there are halls for musical evenings and concerts, a hall with medical exhibitions and an art exhibition.

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center University Hospital — International Awards and Achievements

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