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Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital is the third best US and the forth best world clinic. The department of rheumatology is recognised as the best in the world in 2018. Other twelve of the departments are ranked in the top 10 in the world. Johns Hopkins Hospital cooperates with the best clinics in Canada, Turkey, Singapore and Japan.

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Johns Hopkins Hospital

For the past two decades, Johns Hopkins Hospital has been among the top three US hospitals. The clinic opened its doors in 1889 and can boasts of many achievements and discoveries done during its existence. For the past 11 years, the hospital has won the title "Consumer Choice" of the National Research Corporation (NRC). The clinic's the department of rheumatology occupies the first place in the world. In addition, there are 15 more top departments. In 2018, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Geriatrics, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Urology in The Johns Hopkins Hospital were ranked second in the world. The third place was occupied by Nephrology, Ophthalmology, the forth was given to Gastroenterology & GI Surgery, Gynecology, Psychiatry, The Cancer department was ranked sixth.

The therapy offered in Johns Hopkins Hospital is of progressive American medicine and can be characterised as one of the most grandiose and advanced medical institutions in the world. According to the authoritative opinion of US News and World Report, for some of the most significant medical indicators, John Hopkins Hospital has been ranked first as the best US clinic for over 20 years.

The Johns Hopkins Clinic, with its mission, provides not only high-quality patient care, but also conducts scientific and clinical research and training. Today, the hospital brings together scientists and doctors of the highest class in various fields and specialties, which guarantees a systematic approach to the treatment of patients and its effectiveness. Among the doctors and researchers who worked at the Hopkins Medical Center at different times, there are Nobel and other prestigious awards laureates in medical science.

Johns Hopkins Medical Center — Innovations in Equipment

It was Hopkins Medical Center where the equipment for computed tomography was invited. It now allows detecting cancer at its early stages. The clinic's specialists were the first to conduct surgical intervention to eliminate children's heart disease, to apply gene therapy in the treatment of pulmonary diseases, to develop the technology of sickle-pulmonary anemia treatment, and to make other countless important inventions and breakthroughs in the development of medicine. The Johns Hopkins Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical organisation that provides patients with both therapeutic and surgical care.

Johns Hopkins Hospital is famous worldwide for its own high-tech equipment for diagnostics and treatment, the most modern technical solutions, computerisation of the entire patient supervision system, and highly qualified service.

There are a warning and video communication systems around the whole territory of the hospital. Patients' wards are equipped with absolutely everything necessary for convenience — a TV with additional features (games, movies and informational videos), the Internet. The My CareTeam system built into the TV updates the data about the staff who is currently on duty and can be asked for any help.

The Infrastructure of the Johns Hopkins Hospital

Operating rooms:

33 modern operating rooms comprise:
  • 14 neurosurgery and general surgery rooms
  • 10 pediatric operating rooms
  • 6 heart surgery rooms
  • 3 obstetric rooms

Sheikh Zayed Tower (Adult care):

  • 355 private single wards
  • 224 emergency rooms
  • 96 intensive care rooms
  • 35 obstetric rooms

Bloomberg Children's Center:

205 private single wards include:
  • 120 emergency rooms
  • 45 rooms for intensive care of newborns
  • 40 rooms for pediatric resuscitation (PICU)

Level 1 — Pediatric Trauma Services:
  • Pediatric Burn Services
  • Two-story indoor playground

Nelson / Harvey Building:

136 private rooms which are:
  • 21 outpatient care wards
  • 115 inpatient care wards

Family recreation areas

Adult Emergency Department:
  • 67 selected examination rooms
  • 6 trauma rooms fitted up with modern equipment
  • advanced X-ray set, available X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound
  • 17-bed emergency department
Location of the "front door" in the main hospital building

Opportunity to close 75,000 visits per year

Children's Emergency Department

The only public Pediatric Trauma Center in Maryland

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