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University of Michigan Hospitals — Michigan Medicine (UMHS)

Michigan University Hospital has been in top 10 USA clinics for already 21 years and is considered to be the best surgery centre comprising 82 operating rooms.

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University of Michigan Hospitals — Michigan Medicine (UMHS)

Michigan Medicine centre is a university clinic where the medical doctors are simultaneously engaged in treating patients, research work, and training new doctors. Patients always need the help of the highest level, and the clinic needs patients for its development. A good example of such mutually beneficial cooperation is presented in the UMHS clinic which accepts almost 2,500,000 patients per year.

Patients come here for the best in the country surgical care. In the 82 operating theatres, they annually conduct 54,000 operations. The level of surgical care and the experience of doctors is extremely high here, however, it still should be constantly improved. Just a few years ago, the construction of the Pediatric Clinic and the Women's Clinic worth in total 523,000,000 of dollars was completed. The expansion of the Ophthalmological Center cost about 132,000,000 of dollars. At the moment, these departments are leading in the country and the best in the region.

Apart from this, the hospital was ranked 5th best among all adult clinics in the United States. 14 departments for adults and 10 pediatric departments are also included in the Top-50 departments of the country and the world.

University of Michigan Hospital Infrastructure (UMHS)

Experienced doctors and talented teachers are of high demand for training leading doctors of the world. The hospital employs 3,762 teachers with many years of practical and research experience. They possess the skills and knowledge to effectively treat patients and be able to pass this knowledge on to new generations, maintaining a consistently high level of medicine in the hospital.

University of Michigan Hospital — International Awards and achievements

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