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Istanbul, Turkey

Medical Park Florya Hospital

Medical Park Florya is one of the leading hospitals of the Medical Park hospital group in Turkey. It works in close cooperation with the Aydın University of Istanbul. Here the patient is the center of the treatment process. The hospital strives to achieve excellence through experienced staff and advanced technological infrastructure.
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About Medical Park Florya Hospital

Florya Hospital was opened in March 2017 in Istanbul. In 5 years it has gained the trust of patients thanks to its experienced staff, high-tech diagnostic equipment and effective treatment. And also received prestigious quality certificates, which further increases the trust of patients.
That is why thousands of people go to Florya Hospital every year.

Medical Park Florya Hospital in figures

52 000 m2
operating rooms

Advantages of Medical Park Florya Hospital

Medical Park Florya hospital is a leader not only of its network, but also of other hospitals in Turkey. Patients prefer to go to Florya Hospital to get a high level of medicine, advice from an experienced doctor and an accurate diagnosis. It is prestigious to work here and comfortable to be treated.
Highly specialized care
Therapy by a doctor who knows everything about the disease is more effective than treatment by a specialist with general knowledge of many ailments. Florya Hospital employs highly specialized doctors who provide expert care to patients.
Due to their narrow specialization, doctors are able to develop their own successful methods to help solve health problems.
Quality Certificates
The Medical Park hospital network is renowned for the level of medicine and services provided. Florya Hospital has received prestigious certificates confirming JCI accreditation and ISO 9001 quality management system.
State-of-the-art equipment
Florya Hospital is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment for quality treatment, which allows doctors to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary therapy, as well as monitor the recovery process.

Medical Park Florya Hospital - international awards and achievements

Медикал Парк Флория
Медикал Парк Флория

Specialization of Medical Park Florya Hospital

Floria Hospital provides medical services in dozens of areas. Here the patient and his health are put at the center of everything, taking into account his peculiarities and needs. This makes it possible to provide services of the highest quality, taking into account the smallest nuances.
Accurate diagnosis and the use of quality chemotherapy drugs, safe surgery, radiotherapy for cancer at any stage.
Accurate diagnosis, effective therapy and minimally invasive surgery of various diseases of the brain and spinal cord.
Successful treatment of pediatric diseases (pediatric cardiology, neurology, nephrology, gastrointestinal tract, dermatology, genetic diseases, etc.).
Diagnosis and comprehensive (medical and surgical) treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
High-quality medications and high-precision surgeries for eye diseases with preferential preservation of vision.
The latest diagnosis and successful treatment of diseases of the kidneys and urinary system.
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Low-traumatic surgeries of injuries and diseases of joints and bones, endoprosthetics of hip, knee, elbow joints.
Organ transplantation
Kidney and liver transplantation with minimal risk of organ rejection.
Plastic surgery
Restoration, reconstruction and modification of congenital or acquired defects of appearance.
Diagnosis and treatment of all, even the most rare and severe diseases of the genitourinary system in women and men.
Successful artificial insemination with minimal risk of embryo rejection.

The best urologist in Turkey works at Medical Park Florya Hospital

The Medical Park Florya Hospital has many famous and talented doctors and professors. People from all over the world go to Turkey to see different doctors, but for the treatment of urological diseases in most cases they choose Professor Semih Ayan.

Semih Ayan
Professor of Urology at Medical Park Florya Hospital.

He received his medical degree from Sivas Jumhuriyet University in 1997. Then he became a specialist in urology. In 1999, he became a Fellow in Pediatric Urology at Harvard University. He became Associate Professor of Urology in 2003. Since 2009 he became professor of medicine.

In 2015, Ayan completed his training in minimally invasive urologic oncology (clinical fellow) at the University of Chicago and supplemented his professional education and experience with research. He now works at the Medical Park Florya Hospital.

His brilliant experience in urology is more than 25 years. His main areas of work in urological oncology are surgical treatment of prostate cancer, bladder cancer and kidney tumors.

Hundreds of patients with cancer or congenital abnormalities go to Semih Ayhan in Turkey. Thanks to his experience and high qualification in the field of adult and pediatric urology, many patients become healthy.

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