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Istanbul, Turkey

Medical Park Gebze Hospital

The Gebze Multidisciplinary Hospital is located in the district of the same name in Istanbul, Turkey. Its doctors specialize in treating oncology, neurology, urology, endocrinology, and orthopaedics. They also conduct the most complex surgeries of brain, spine, heart and blood vessels.
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About Medical Park Gebze Hospital

The Gebze Hospital, which is part of the huge Medical Park network, employs a multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses to ensure fast recovery and quality services. Numerous awards show the high level of professionalism of the staff and service.
The clinic is known for high-tech cancer diagnostics at any stage, first-class therapy and quality rehabilitation of cancer patients.

Medical Park Gebze Hospital in figures:

17 000 m2
14 000
foreign patients

Advantages of Medical Park Gebze Hospital

At the interdisciplinary Gebze Hospital, doctors treat world-famous diseases and diagnose diseases in their early stages. Thanks to the latest equipment, highly qualified staff, quality medications and the comfort of the rooms, the Gebze Hospital is annually chosen by thousands of patients from Europe and the CIS countries.
Treatment for oncology
Department oncologists successfully help fight cancer with quality chemotherapy, radiation and other effective methods, and the nuclear medicine department provides high-precision diagnosis of tumors at any stage.
Quality Certificates
Gebze Hospital has received the prestigious JCI international accreditation, ISO quality certificates and other awards.
Highly specialized care
Gebze Hospital employs highly specialized doctors, who diagnose and treat diseases at all stages.

Medical Park Gebze Hospital - International Awards and Achievements

Медикал Парк Бахчеэливлер
Медикал Парк Бахчеэливлер

Specialization of Medical Park Gebze Hospital

At the Gebze Hospital, doctors use proprietary methods to treat various diseases. And the latest equipment allows for accurate diagnoses. Doctors work according to European and American treatment protocols, which eliminates all kinds of risks and complications from therapy, making treatment quick, effective and efficient.
Oncologists perform high-precision diagnostics with the latest equipment, and prescribe the necessary complex treatment against cancer (chemotherapy, radiation and radiation therapy, and surgery).
Neurosurgeons perform necessary diagnostic tests and manipulations, and collaborate with neurologists to provide effective treatment for brain diseases and injuries.
Endocrinologists prescribe the tests and examinations needed to apply effective treatment to endocrine disorders. Doctors also work with specialists in related fields to correct hormonal malfunctions and related diseases.
Ophthalmologists make a high-precision diagnosis of congenital pathologies and acquired eye diseases, and prescribe comprehensive treatment (medications, physical therapy and surgery).
Cardiologists diagnose diseases of the cardiovascular system and prescribe the necessary therapy, as well as perform complex operations on the heart and blood vessels to eliminate pathology.
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Doctors provide high-precision diagnostics, medication and surgery to correct joint and bone problems, and doctors also treat and prevent sports injuries to athletes around the world.
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Plastic surgeons deal with both reconstructive (removal of congenital or acquired defects) and aesthetic surgeries, doctors guarantee results and confidentiality.
Urologists diagnose and comprehensively treat diseases of the urogenital system in men and women. They also work together with doctors of related specialties to make individual treatment plans.

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