Istanbul, Turkey

Medical Park Bahcelievler Hospital

The Bahçelievler Medical Park Hospital was founded in 2007 and accepts patients from all over Turkey and the world. The Bahçelievler Hospital is based at Altynbaş University, which allows the use of innovative techniques for accurate diagnoses as well as the development of new ways to fight diseases.

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About Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital

Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital is part of a huge network of Turkish clinics that offer privileged service, high quality therapy and minimally invasive surgeries. Bahçelievler is a full-fledged international clinic located in the center of Istanbul and operating in accordance with international standards.

Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital in figures

30 000 m2
operating rooms

Advantages of Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital

Thanks to the highly qualified medical staff, interdisciplinary diagnostic and treatment plans, innovative methods, the Bahçelievler Clinic is chosen by thousands of people every year.

  • Successful bone marrow transplants
    The departments of pediatric and adult bone marrow transplantation in Bahçelievler have become leading due to their experience and equipment. The clinic provides services according to European standards, working in cooperation with American, European and Turkish bonemarrow banks.
  • Successful treatment of Parkinson's disease
    Deep brain stimulation, which is used for Parkinson's disease, is performed in Bahçelievler. A similar procedure is used in some clinics in Turkey and has become a new round of medical development.
  • The most accurate diagnosis
    Oncology departments have a PET-CT and a linear accelerator for diagnosis. A 64-slice CT, which performs fast and catheter-free coronary angiography. MRI 3 Tesla, which provides high-quality images and a comfortable procedure. Four-dimensional ultrasound helps to make an accurate diagnosis.

Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital — International Awards and Achievements

Медикал Парк Бахчеэливлер
Медикал Парк Бахчеэливлер

Specialisations of Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital

The multidisciplinary Bahçelievler Hospital provides highly specialized services. The doctors with many years of experience in these fields are able to make accurate diagnoses and successfully treat severe and rare diseases:
  • Oncology
    Oncologists use high-quality and effective chemotherapy drugs, perform minimally invasive surgery, and radiotherapy for cancer at any stage.
  • Neurosurgery
    Doctors select effective drugs and perform surgery on the brain and spinal cord.
  • Cardiosurgery
    Cardiac surgeons, together with cardiologists, perform the most complex vascular and cardiac surgeries with the highest survival rate and without complications.
  • Gastroenterology
    Doctors use a comprehensive approach, consisting of the use of quality medications and low-traumatic surgeries, to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Ophthalmology
    Ophthalmologists perform high-quality and high-precision surgeries for eye diseases with preferential preservation of vision.
  • Nephrology
    Nephrologists prescribe quality treatment for diseases of the kidney and urinary system, using effective medications and performing surgical procedures.
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
    Surgeons perform minimally traumatic surgeries to repair the effects of trauma, as well as treat joint and bone disease.
  • Plastic surgery
    Plastic surgeons deal with the problems in the restoration and reconstruction of congenital or acquired defects, as well as plastic changes in appearance (breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, etc.).
  • IVF
    Doctors perform successful artificial in vitro fertilization with minimal risk of embryo rejection.

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