Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Ежегодно тысячи пациентов сталкиваются со страшным диагнозом — онкология. В Казахстане десятки больных умирают от болезни и ее осложнений, неправильной терапии или применения некачественных препаратов. При этом стоимость лечения в вашей стране намного выше, чем в Турции, как бы странно это не было. Поэтому каждый пятый пациент из Казахстана едет в Турцию для того, чтобы побороть рак и продолжать жить полноценной жизнью.
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Why it's better to treat cancer in Turkey

Let's start with the fact that thousands of patients worldwide come here every year. The cost of cancer treatment in Turkey is no more than in Kazakhstan. It is primarily due to using only necessary diagnostic and treatment methods. Another critical point to consider is this: when patients undergo treatment at home, they pay for tests and therapy gradually. However, they know the total amount they need to pay for the treatment in advance in Turkey. It creates the impression that getting treatment abroad is more expensive, but this is untrue. It's worth noting that Turkey hosts the most significant number of certified hospitals, boasting the JCI award. A JCI certificate indicates a high level of patient care and the application of the best treatment methods. To receive such an award, it is necessary to successfully pass an inspection of 1,400 criteria for the quality of medical services and services.

  • The highest survival rate in the world
    Every year, more than 1 million patients come to Turkey to successfully cure cancer. It allows doctors to face complex and rare cases. It's worth noting that there are neither such flows of patients in Germany nor the USA. Therefore, Turkey has the highest survival rate among patients with stage 4 oncology.
  • Treatment costs will not be higher
    As strange as it may seem, the final price for treatment in Turkey will either be the same as in Kazakhstan or even lower. It is related to the experience of doctors, equipment, and the latest cancer treatment methods. Here, patients will always undergo only necessary procedures — no extra waste of money and time.
  • Experience and qualification of doctors
    To whom we send for treatment, Turkish doctors are associate professors or professors. It is worth noting that to get an academic degree in Turkey, doctors need to write more than 20 articles in their specialization, as well as participate in scientific research. Therefore, our patients feel safe because the oncologist knows what treatment will help this patient. Thanks to the vast experience of Turkish doctors, the country successfully conducts complex surgical interventions (CyberKnife, Gamma Knife, HIPEC, and others).
  • Modern diagnostic equipment
    An important point is the technical equipment of the hospital; the newer the devices, the more evident and higher quality the diagnostic results will be. Every oncology department in Turkey houses a 3 Tesla MRI, but in Kazakhstan, you can only find such equipment in a few prominent hospitals in Astana. It also applies to PET-CT, digital X-rays, and other devices necessary for accurate diagnosis.
  • Innovative Methods of oncology treatment
    In Turkey, oncologists select each patient's most effective cancer treatment methods. There is no single scenario here, so the chances of recovery and long-term remission increase significantly.
  • Quality drugs for therapy
    In addition to equipment and doctors' experience, the quality of drugs for chemotherapy, targeted, immune and hormonal treatment is essential. Only the original latest generation drugs are used here, significantly reducing treatment side effects.

Best Clinics for Cancer Treatment in Turkey

A vast number of hospitals in Turkey successfully treat various diseases. However, cancer treatment is one of the most complex fields of medicine. That's why selecting a clinic where you will undoubtedly receive help is crucial. We have selected some of the best hospitals that hundreds of patients worldwide visit annually.
Anadolu Medical Center

Hospital No.1 for cancer treatment in Turkey ranks among the top 10 European clinics. Here, they successfully diagnose and treat all types of cancer. The Anadolu doctors collaborate with their colleagues from the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the United States. This cooperation allows Turkish doctors to assist patients, even those with the most severe forms of cancer.
Liv Hospital

People consider the hospitals within this network to be among the best in Turkey for cancer treatment. The LIV medical institutions are the only ones worldwide that have received the American certificate "Robotic Abdominal Surgery" and "Robotic Surgery" from the International Surgical Organization. Here work stars of global medicine: Taksin Ozatli, Akin Akakin, and others.
Medical Park

The largest hospital network in Turkey - 28 clinics in different cities. Notably, five of them have prestigious JCI accreditation. Their primary specialization is oncology. Additionally, Medical Park hospitals annually enter the American top 50 clinics for transplanting internal organs (liver, kidney, and others).

The network of clinics includes 12 hospitals in different cities across the country. One of the leading areas here is pediatric and adult oncology. UNICEF and the World Health Organization have granted the network the status of a "Child-Friendly Hospital."

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Cost of Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Cancer treatment in Turkey involves professional oncologists, the latest equipment, innovative methods of combating malignant tumors, and first-class service. It's worth noting that the final cost depends on many factors:
The localization of the tumor, the severity of the condition, and the state of health directly affect the price.
Complicating factors
Age, comorbidities, urgency, and other factors also play a significant role in forming the price.
Treatment Method
Each type of cancer requires a specific treatment method (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, surgical removal of the tumor, or a combination of anticancer procedures).
Length of Stay
The length of stay at the clinic also affects the final cost of treatment.

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Cancer diagnosis in Turkey

Experienced Turkish doctors successfully diagnose cancer at the beginning of the disease and find metastases at stage 4. A series of tests on modern equipment is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. Main methods:
  • Digital X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET-CT — all these devices allow for determining the tumor's exact location.
  • Endoscopic examination shows the presence of cancer on mucous membranes.
  • A biopsy allows one to 100% confirm what kind of tumor it is: benign or malignant.
  • Oncomarkers test allows us to know the quality of the neoplasm, assess the effectiveness of treatment, and control progression.

Cancer treatment in Turkey

Turkish oncologists apply only necessary and high-quality methods of cancer treatment. It is not customary here to prescribe a lot of senseless drug administrations or perform complex surgeries without need. Doctors in Turkey always prescribe techniques for successfully fighting tumors individually.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cancer Treatment in Turkey

When patients encounter cancer treatment in Turkey for the first time, they often have many questions. It is an entirely normal process, so we have collected the most common questions:

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