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Medical tourism — prices
and best hospitals

Here is health tourism guide on 900 hospitals in 11 countries.

A free online platform to search for medical travel options to the best hospitals in the world, price monitoring and complex organization — from diagnostics to recovery procedures.
Where better to be treated

The best countries for medical tourism

Efficient medical travel is possible for any kind of health problems.

It is necessary to choose a country with the most specialization and experience. In Europe alone, there are more than 400 hospitals that have the highest international accreditation and regularly accept foreign patients for treatment. In each hospital, there are departments and centers, campuses with their operating rooms, research centers, professors, which conducts clinical and scientific activities in their specialization.
To contact us
Fill out the following lines and send us a request. Then you will get all the necessary information — countries, best hospitals, prices for treatment and practical recommendations.
Upload your medical reports
Medical reports, photos, scans etc.
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TOP-10 best hospitals in the world for medical tourism

The rating of the best hospitals in the world was compiled by NewsWeek Report in 2019.
The success of medical travel depends on the specialization and rating of medical institutions, however, not all who are in the TOP-10 are perfect for you. Abroad there are hospitals that specialize in a small number of diseases either a separate organ or the direction of medicine. As a rule, highly specialized medical centers are able to demonstrate the highest percentage of cure for individual diseases.
World`s best hospitals
South Korea

Looking for a best specialized hospital abroad?

You want to know which hospital and doctor shows the best results in treating your disease, how exactly to go to treatment to this hospital, how to do it at the precise desired time without waiting for 3-6 months — these are questions that we are specialized in and we manage that every day.

In the hospitals section you will be able to compare 89 clinics from our open database on the website. Over 900 more hospitals in 11 countries are available for you in consultation with our doctors — we will select the best option taking into account your every wish and medical indications.
900 hospitals from 11 countries in the UNICLINICSⓇ database are at your service — just request the advice of our doctor.

See all health tourism options

Choose the country and hospital that suits your medical needs best.
Brigham And Women's Hospital at Harvard Medical School
Boston, USA

Constantly rated by US News & World Report as one of America's best hospitals, BWH holds the lead in cutting-edge treatment methods and technologies for caring for patients and their families, quality and safety of treatment, and advances in biomedicine. The Cancer Center, which offers the latest and most innovative treatment methods available for adults with cancer, is also open here.
Acibadem University Hospitals Network in Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey

Acıbadem Health Group, the first hospital of which was founded in 1991, provides medical services to 22 hospitals and 15 medical centers with 3,500 doctors, 4,000 nurses and approximately 22,500 employees. Acibadem clinics are fully equipped with modern equipment and have received international accreditation ISO and JCI.

On the UNICLINICSⓇ platform you will find 68 medicine areas and 2,000 diagnoses with prices for different medical tourism directions.

We know that now you are comparing different options. You are looking for lots of offers on various websites to understand how much treatment costs, what method to choose, which doctors can help you and which hospital has the necessary equipment in the department that fits you.

Intermediary companies overestimate prices in hospitals to make it seems that their services cost less. Hospitals, on the contrary, are lowering prices — they will do everything for you to come to them, and already on the spot they will issue real bills, inflated several times.

We at UNICLINICSⓇ know what you need. Because thousands of patients from 25 countries come to us for the same. And they have found their solutions. Now it is your turn.

We collected exact information on real prices for treatment in 11 countries around the world on the most common diagnoses and treatment options. These prices are so accurate that you will be able to evaluate offers from foreign hospitals and medical companies from around the world using them.

Exact treatment pricing information will help save money.


Why medical tourism always yields positive results

Creating a world-class hospital is a complex process, which largely depends on the level of development of the medicine industry in the country itself and competition, which is embodied in the quality of services. In developed countries, the main factors why their hospitals are among the best in the world are:

The highest level of educational system. As a result, doctors have excellent qualifications, there are a large number of scientists in medicine, biology and many research institutes.

The presence of university hospitals - they are centers of medical competence in their region, include dozens of specialized departments and medical centers.

Research funding. For example, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA, spends more than 660 million US dollar annually on research and has a staff of 3,000 research scientists. The research results are then applied in practice in the form of new methods of treatment and slowly spread to the rest of the world.

Public and private investment in health infrastructure. This includes not only the financing of the hospitals themselves, but also the technological medical companies that develop and produce modern medical equipment used to treat patients.

International accreditation of hospitals and commitment to quality assurance and transparency.

Your medical travel can be organized by professionals.

There are 900 hospitals from 11 countries with the highest international accreditation in our database and we are officially authorized to carry out treatment organization activities in behalf of them for foreign citizens.

Our focus is patient health. We do not offer what is not needed or does not help.

A team of doctors will make an individual program exactly for your case, and our travel agents will organize exactly the services that are needed in the country, city, hospital ㅡ visa for the patient and accompanying persons, transfer to the hospital, translation services, other.
900 hospitals from 11 countries in the UNICLINICSⓇ database are at your service — just request the advice of our doctor.
How do you determine which treatment program will suit me?
The UNICLINICSⓇ team of doctors will carefully review your medical records ㅡ extracts from the medical history, CT / MRI scans, and test results. Specialized doctor-consultant will be in touch with you, will collect all the missing and most relevant information about your condition, your wishes in the country of treatment, price, terms. The medical analysis department and your personal consulting doctor with you will determine the most effective method of diagnosis, treatment and select a specialized hospital that demonstrates the highest percentage of effectiveness in treating your disease. Further, all information on your program will be sent directly to the doctor abroad (professor of medicine) for approval.
How many treatment program options can you create for me?
Usually 1-3 options are enough for choosing a clinic. When the choice is made, adjustments to the program are made in this hospital directly.

We always agree on the treatment programs with you and adjust them as much as necessary. So we create the most effective program and provide everything that may be necessary during the trip.
Can I use your services only partially?
Of course. We provide only services you need, in a complex or separately. In addition, you always have a choice ㅡ to entrust the organization to the experienced company or to do everything by yourself.
What are the guarantees of my financial security?
We sign an agreement with you that guarantees the security of your payment ㅡ according to this agreement, we are obliged to refund your money in case of your refusal at any time of medical travel or if we failure to provide services. Your legal security and peace of mind is ensured at the international level.

UNICLINICSⓇ belongs to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Our activities are governed by the Companies Act 2006 (2006 Act), the English Government Department ㅡ Department of Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR) and directly controlled by the British Chamber of Commerce (British Chambers of Commerce).
What is your hospital policy?
We choose hospitals according to 400 parameters. We sign an affiliate contract with clinics that have passed our certification. Under this contract, we undertake to perform all organizational and services for patients at our own expense, and the clinic will provide our foreign patients with UNICLINICS prices and quality of services as for the domestic market.

If in the process it turns out that the services in the clinic do not meet the standards specified in the contract - the clinic is no longer offered to patients and is removed from our database. In 2018, we analyzed 1236 medical institutions and with the most part decided to not even begin to work, and we rejected some directions and countries altogether.

You are lucky if you are a UNICLINICSⓇ patient ㅡ you will only be recommended to use proven and certified treatment options abroad.
What is your patient policy?
The concept of "no harm." Doctors of the whole world are obliged to work this way; it is this phrase that sounds in all languages in the oaths of doctors of any country. Doctors of our medical analytical department adhere to this rule and this principle is extended to the work of each employee of UNICLINICSⓇ. It is very important for us and we work this way ㅡ we don't undertake cases in which it is impossible to help, we don't transport patients who cannot be transported and we don't recommend hospitals that do not have enough experience, equipment, medical staff to help and not harm the patient.
How much are your services?
Using the services of UNICLINICSⓇ you pay for the treatment at a price for the domestic market - no more than a German or English patient in their country. Our work has a positive effect on the final cost of the program - patients save from 14 to 95%. Detailed prices for our services you can find following the link.
What is a medical program?
A medical program is a medical all-inclusive tour to a hospital of your choice. UNICLINICSⓇ treatment programs are created so as you won't have to pay extra in the course of treatment.

The cost you see already includes: accommodation in the hospital, a set of diagnostic measures before the operation, the cost of the operation, all medications and services of medical personnel, symptomatic therapy and postoperative rehabilitation.

A medical travel ㅡ where to start

When choosing a country and a hospital for a medical travel, it is important to consider the following - diagnosis, your budget, the presence of specialized hospitals for your disease, the terms in which you want to get an appointment. These four main factors will allow you to approach the choice of health travel options. The ideal solution would be to get remote consultations with specialized docotors in different countries on your condition, recommendations for treatment and the cost of treatment in their clinics abroad. After that, assessing the opinions and suggestions from foreign doctors, you can begin organizing treatment abroad, reserve a place in the hospital, air tickets, plan trip details.

In the case when the situation is urgent and the you have days or hours, the choice of the country for treatment must be made according to two other parameters ㅡ the geographical proximity of the country and necessary specialized department within the hospital. There is an air ambulance service in many countries in addition to emergency departments and intensive care units are located in modern hospitals no more than 20 meters from the nearest entrance to them or the helipad, which saves valuable time.

It is possible to hospitalize a patient for treatment in conditions of increased urgency only as a client of a company that organizes treatment abroad ㅡ UNICLINICSⓇ. In this case, the company will be the financial guarantor for the patient, will quickly recommend the nearest specialized hospital and, through partnership contracts with the clinic, will arrange an emergency appointment and all the necessary medical services for the rescue and the subsequent treatment of the patient. In standard cases, we also recommend booking medical travels with UNICLINICSⓇ. This has a positive effect on the quality of treatment and cost - we can choose the best option in the database of 900 hospitals in 11 countries of the world.

About all stages of the organization of medical tours with UNICLINICSⓇ in details

Your request for treatment
Send us a request. Describe your problem in details, specify your actual contacts for communication. The process will be accelerated if you immediately upload your medical reports ㅡ scanned copies of medical records, MRI / CT scans etc.
Analysis of your problem
Your request will be reviewed by our medical analytical service within 1-24 hours, depending on the urgency. You will be contacted by our consulting doctor to get to know you, to clarify details and additional information on your medical history. This information is important for compilation your treatment program and choosing a foreign hospital and a doctor.
Compilation of a treatment program
After we collect all the information on your disease and all your wishes on the country, city, hospital, doctor, price ㅡ we will create a medical program for you, which will include absolutely everything you need. We will agree the final program with you and make adjustments if necessary.
Payment and start of treatment
You will receive 2 bills ㅡ an invoice for the services of organizing treatment and an invoice for prepayment at the clinic.

After payment UNICLINICSⓇ customer service will at once start implementation of the medical travel programme. Also you will be sent an invitation from the hospital confirming the date of appointment.

Security of your medical data

Your health information is confidential and securely encrypted. No one can identify you.
All your files ㅡ extracts from medical cards, CT / MRI scans, personal data ㅡ are encrypted during transfer and kept secret. We do not disclose information about our patients, and even to send your data to a doctor abroad, we sign a trilateral medical secret agreement with you.

Did not find an answer to your question about medical tourism?

We will advise you free of charge on any issues related to medical tourism ㅡ lists of best hospitals in the world, current prices for treatment, recommendations on the process of organizing a trip, the opinion of independent doctors.

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