Best hospitals for medical tourism in Canada

The rating of the best hospitals in Canada was compiled by NewsWeek Report in 2023. Multidisciplinary Full-Service Centers are a hallmark of Canadian medicine. In a country full of forests, mountains, with pure rivers and clean air, conditions for the best rehabilitation in the world arouse. Given this, they are engaged in an integrated approach to solve the patients' problems ー from accurate diagnostics to high-precision treatment using the latest equipment, and then immediate switch to recovery and adaptation to everyday life. Patients with different health problems, from orthopedic to oncological cases, home here from all over the world to receive first-class treatment and rehabilitation. In Canada, treatment of kidney disease of any complexity has shown the best indicators of effectiveness in the world.
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Toronto, Canada

Toronto General Hospital (TGH)

Toronto General Hospital ranks 1st in the top of Canadian clinics and 7th in the world. It is the largest multi-field hospital in Canada and, without doubt, the most famous abroad.

General Hospital in Toronto, founded back in 1918, is very similar to university hospitals. This is a huge multidisciplinary clinic with an ancient history where you can find any department for a patient with any health problem. At the same time, the clinic works together with the Medical Faculty of the University of Toronto. Here doctors are also researchers and pioneers in medicine, they teach students and doctors from other cities and countries, are professors and doctors of science.

North York General Hospital (NYGH)

North York General Hospital is in the top 10 best clinics in Canada and is the second most rated academic clinic in the country and is among the 100 best hospitals in the world.

North York General Hospital is a public academic hospital actively involved in the training of future healthcare professionals. North York Hospital mainly serves the northern part of central Toronto and the southern part of the York region. Associated with the University of Toronto, the hospital's strong teaching role is supported by many academic connections.

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Calgary, Canada

Rockyview General Hospital

Rockyview General Hospital is in the top 10 clinics in Canada and is one of the largest multidisciplinary hospitals in the country.

Rockyview General is a multidisciplinary clinic. This means that there are many departments and patients come here from all over the region, searching for solutions for all kinds of pathologies. However, not all areas of the hospital are equally developed. The hospital's department of urology should definitely be distinguished, since the clinic is the leader of urology in Canada. Patients from all over Canada and the United States come here to treat urological and oncourological diseases.
Montreal, Canada

Jewish General Hospital (JGH)

Jewish General Hospital is among top 10 clinics of Canada. This is the University clinic, where specialists have been providing high-class medical care for more than 90 years now.

The University General Hospital is one of the largest clinics in the region. There are researchers at McGill University, leading doctors of medicine, and professors of medicine who are also experienced practitioners.

Sunnybrook Hospital

The Sunnybrook Hospital Research Center not only treats patients, but also conducts research at a nearby research institute. Thus, it is not only the largest trauma clinic in Toronto, but also the centre of advanced medicine. The discoveries of the centre in neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology, cardiology and oncology are used by physicians around the world.

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